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September 03, 2013

“At the end of the day, the women scattered blossoms on the field, and the oldest man led the group in prayer, blessing the tools, the seed, the earth, and the children. This spirit of place, this sense of life as community, manifests itself in ways that are both exquisite and profound.”

Nilda Callanaupa Alvarez



Have you been wondering what Camilla’s new Spring/Summer 2013 collection ‘Pachamama’ is all about? It’s to do with the awareness, feeling, and genuine love and respect for Mother Nature – or as the Incas called her, Pachamama.

Camilla is a seasoned traveller and was drawn on a personal journey to reconnect with the land. A healer in the Queensland hinterland invited her to get back to the source, back to nature. This led to a worldwide journey where she  created summer prints inspired by how the various cultures create a spiritual connection to Mother Nature.

It all began with a trip through South America. There, the core of everything – the vibrant culture, the people’s profound spiritual connection to Pachamama and the complete way of being took Camilla back to nature’s source.

“This collection is born directly from my personal journey as I reconnect with Mother Nature, or as the Incas called her Pachamama. As the year grew so did my awareness of how other cultures connect to this great artist. There has been much time camping with sunrays kissing me awake and the setting sun inviting me to dream. I feel that there is a movement taking us back to Mother Nature, back to where we belong,” explains Camilla.

Each story in the collection is representative of Pachamama;

The Promised Land story draws on food, water and life, a place where Mother Nature and the animal kingdom hold hands.

Capturing the majestic vision of colourful wildlife in flight, Of the Skies was born from the Amazon rainforest, discovering beauty and freedom above.

Seven Days and Seven Nights draws on the Holi Festival in India, a colourful welcoming into the new Spring season which is complimented by Passage to India which tells the story of Rajasthan, an off the beaten track beautiful land with rich heritage, regal history and desert luxury.

The Children of the Sun story reflects the Incan’s belief that they were descendants of the sun god, Inti, whose connection with Mother Nature was strong.

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