Nik and She 10th Birthday!

October 03, 2013

As you all know, I am not that great with speeches or being in the lime light. But I need to thank you all.

To everybody that came last night and all of our customers who have supported us over the years. Thank you!

I would like to make a special thank you to our online customers – it was great to see so many of your photos from outside of Coffs. We love your comments on Facebook and look forward to seeing you next time you’re in town!

Thank you to everyone who bought something last night and to Julie and Jackie for giving me a hand!

To Ashley and Lola, thank you for helping us out so much!

Thank you Alex for all your assistance with organising last night and keeping our online presence up to date.

Most of all I need to send out a huge thank you to Shelley for all her hard work and dedication she has given me over the years. Shelley has been there from day one when we did our first order. I couldn’t do it without her. She is the future of Nik and She.

Whilst she lived in Sydney Shelley did a lot of buying for me and now we both do all of the buying together (In case you’re wondering, she is the strong one that says “No Mum, we don’t need that!”).

Lastly, thank you to Lawrence for all his confindence in us and providing us with an amazing space.

With lots of love,




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