Nik & She blonde. Candle

Our candle is lovingly made in Australia and features a double wick, allowing for burns to happen more evenly and completely. 

Appropriately named 'blonde.', our candle represents our Nik & She family, who all sport blonde locks (for now!).

We wanted a scent to burn continuously in store, so when you left our boutique, this heavenly fresh scent would linger and bring joy. We also have such a big, beautiful community of online customers, who will be able to get a glimpse into the feel of our boutique upon lighting our candle - so they can feel a little closer to us, and us, a little closer to them.

This is a beautiful piece to have in your home, give as a gift or burn in your workplace. We hope you love our very first Nik & She creation.

This candle is 400ml and has approximately 60 hours burn time.

Fragrance notes:
Lime and verbena with fresh, plump coconut.

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