Camilla Leggings Surrealist Suspension

A concoction of amethyst moments, the Surrealist Suspension Leggings blend violet purples, magenta panels and pops of teal into utter matrimony. Crafted for an elevated every day, this luxury legging plays host to a fitted high-rise waist, hand-placed signature CAMILLA crystal adornments, a full-length silhouette and contrasting cuffs.

- Surrealist Suspension Leggings
- Surrealist Suspension brings the depths of the Amazon to life, taking inspiration from our archived Gypset collection
- Animal print with pops of vibrant purple, pink and teal
- Luxe loungewear
- Statement athleisure
- Elevated leggings
- Fitted legging
- All over print
- Crystal embelishment
- Elasticated waist


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