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By Charlotte Gold Radiant Lotus Necklace

Radiate positivity and inner peace with our Radiant Lotus Necklace. Inspired by ancient mandalas, our Radiant Lotus Necklace features blossoming lotus leaves for purity and Enlightenment, and the sacred Om to connect and energise. Empower yourself with the inscribed words, "Radiate your light", a mantra for those searching for purpose, love and self-confidence.

Our Radiant Lotus Necklace is also adorned with tiny four leaf clovers for hope, faith, love and luck. Also known for their healing properties, allow our lucky clovers to cleanse and spread positive energy into everything you touch. Wear with intention and spread your light...

  • 18 inches; adjustable to 16 inches.
  • Lotus pendant: 1.8 x 1cm; clover pendants: 3 x 3mm.
  • Lotus pendant has a battered finish on the front; back is shiny and engraved with "Radiate your light".
  • Gold plated on Sterling Silver. Ceramic plated.

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